Covid-19 Rapid antigen test

Covid rapid test

Rapid at-home test performed by a professional nurse in Milan.

Unlike the RT-PCR molecular test, the waiting time to get the result of a rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 is just a few minutes.

Sercive available upon reservation for private citizens and businesses.

Covid-19 Rapid antigen test

How it works


This rapid antigenic test is performed in your home.
A nurse will come to the address and at the time agreed and will perform the test.


This is the waiting time to get the result of the covid rapid test.


Always use protective equipment, keep the distance, avoid crowded places and respect the Covid-19 control measures.

Covid-19 Rapid antigen test

How much is the at-home test?

From 57€, depending on the time requested and district of Milan where the test will be performed.

  • Weekdays
    Monday to Friday (9 a.m.-7p.m)
  • Non-working days or evenings
    Saturday and Sunday
    Evening (From 8p.m. on)
tampone rapido famiglia Milano

How to book a rapid test

You can do it while staying at home.
No phone calls, no waiting lines.
FILL IN THE FORM if you want us to call you back or click on the icons to send an instant message

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Isolation and molecular confirmation test

What to do if your rapid test is positive

It is necessary to confirm the positivity through a molecular test (RT-PCR).

Until you get the result of the molecular test, you should consider yourself infected and contagious.